About Nadja


Originally Persian, living in Sweden.
Carrier: Oriental Dancer, Master Teacher and Choreographer, Writer, Actress and Model.
Dancing Background in Jazz and Modern Dance.
Profession in Oriental Dance and Persian Dance.
Founder and owner of Nadjas Dance & Culture School in Stockholm/SWEDEN.
Organizer of two yearly Dance festivals; Oriental Dance Fever Festival and Balm for Your Soul Festival.
Director of the Dance Group Nadjas World of Fantasy with the purpose to bind the World Dance Culture, gather them in one place and symbolize Integrity, Kindness and Beauty.

…Dance is my religion. My stage becomes my church, my mosque, my home of God. On my stage I’m emotionally naked.
Through Dancing I wash my spirit, I pure my soul, I tell my story. Everyone has a story. We just have different ways of telling. Dancing is my way to tell my story....

About Nadja

Professional persian/swedish dancer.
….The first time I encountered belly dancing I was only 4 years old. It was in the South of Iran and Jamileh Salimpour, wearing beautiful and sparkling costumes, was performing. It was magical!”….
During her childhood she was involved in theatrical activities and did lots of sports and gymnastic, dance classes in Persian ballet and European jazz but Her dream was to be a professional belly dancer.
"By the start of the revolution in Iran many things became illegal like dance and music, parties, many old movies and everything which could be accused to celebration and pleasure. Old American, Persian, Indian and Arabic movies included dance scenes was for her to get her inspiration from. "Also performing in every private party and feast gave her confident to be on stage.

…. In My country parties where only women and daughters invited is pretty comment.
Almost every weekend there was one of family friends who made party and it always ended up whit dancing and singing until very late at night. I was always the one who entertained the guests most by dancing or acting. The acting part could mostly be playing a dance & singing part from some old movie”….

Moving to Sweden

Moving to Sweden in 1987 was a big change for Nadja and it gave her new opportunities for her dancing as a child. Dance classes and workshops in oriental dance, jazz, modern dance, flamenco and…. She felt the real passion for dance in oriental dance and she was dragged to it. 

Trip to Cairo

I wanted to go to Cairo for study this culture in real.
…."During my first trip to Cairo I studied whit Mahmoud Reda and Raqia Hassan. For 30 days I had private lessons 6 hours a day and 7 days a week. Learning about Egyptian folklore, rhythm in Oriental music, skills in staging, the culture and.... was so fascinating.

Nadja as Writer

2012 Nadja decided to write her very first book. She is writing about a girl, a child who were different than other girls and other children. She is describing this girls experiences, her story, her way to survive a hard life and how today she is a Woman; Strong, Successful and Known all over the world as Nadja of Persia!
In this book she is including some of the poetries of her poetry collection.

With her prestige, energy, fantasy, and sharp technique in oriental dance Nadja will lead you to a world full of mysterious rhythms, emotions and sensualist.
For Nadja is discipline very important, her students shall practice hard but of course love what they do at the same time, get to learn their body and soul and feel fierily passion for oriental dance.

With her very unique style in Oriental Dance she has become as Nadja of Persia with her own touch in Oriental Dance.

….For each day that goes by your lives turns shorter.
When you are tired, when you are feeling blue, Life has no surprises, weekends has been dull and boring.
Take a few minutes break from all of your routines, put on some happy music and dance yourself away from your sadness.
Make life feels like a dance on roses!....

Every second became countable

Nadja began her real performing carrier in Belly dancing at 2001. Since then She has been performing in almost every wedding, concert and big happening in Sweden. Concerts as Ragheb Alama, Ibrahim Tatleses, Tony Barshou, Dawood Behboudy, Fares Karam, Andy, Habib & Mohamad, Bijjan Mortazavi and ......

Between 2001 and 2005 she had 18-20 performances per week. She made her record by dancing one Saturday at 12 different parties starting from 11.00 EM until Sunday 4.00 EM. All performances longer than 30 minutes. By this time it was good to have a faster car.

Nadja’s Oriental Dance School

2003 she opened Nadja’s Oriental Dance School which today has became a culture school and known as one of the biggest in Scandinavia offering all kind of Dance cultures from all over the world, Theater, Music classes, Sports , Painting.

Balm for Your Soul Festival

..Stands for joy, integration and solidarity. Balm for Your Soul Festival is a festival for women I violence, abuse, sexual abuse, etc… It is an opportunity for them to be a part of the society’s activities in a way of joy and harmony. During this festival we teach and remind them that nothing is impossible. With a strong will you can achieve your dreams.
Balm for Your Soul Festival gives these women all workshops during 3 days as a gift, Gala show (an evening of joy, dance and celebration of life by the stars of our festival).

Oriental Dance Fever Festival

Nadja as the organizer of the festival "Oriental Dance Fever" since 2006 invites International Dance artists from abroad to Stockholm every year. This festival offers Workshops, Dance shows and Competitions in All kind of Oriental styles and Middle Eastern Dance Styles and Dance kinds inspired by Oriental Dance culture.

World of Fantasy Dance group

This group is a dance and theater group founded and directed by Nadja. N.WOF represents dance art and culture from different places in the world. N.WOF is a journey through time and place, during this journey you will be take to a world of beautiful dreams and fantasy. The idea of this group is to bring harmony, grace, kindness, happiness, cherish, care and positive energy and bring dance traditions closer to each other.

Nadjas as Actress

June 2011 Nadja was invited to play a main character in Persian Drama movie The Emigrated Birds directed by Shahram Quadir.

DVD production

Since January 2006 Nadjas Oriental Dance "Choreography & Technique DVD" has been produced in different Volumes and today sales worldwide.

Nadja works active as an artist, dance teacher, choreographer and actress in Sweden and abroad. She is a regular guest teacher and performer in many great festivals as the famous Ahlan Wa Sahlan organized by Raqia Hassan in Cairo/Egypt.


As a gueststar and teacher she has until now been invited as to:

2018 / Kiev / Summer Rest'n Fest
2017 / Kiev / Summer Rest'n Fest 

2014 / LA / Cleopatra Festival

2017 / Cairo / Salamat Mesr Festival
2003 - 2011 / Cairo / Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival  

2012 Dubai 

2020 / Brescia / Samara Raks 
2013 / Sicily / Aria Festival
2012 / Bologna / El Sharqi Superstar Festival

2020 / Reutlingen Oriental Rose Festival 
2012 / Sinsheim Orientalische Tanz Festival
2010 / Sinsheim Orientalische Tanz Festival
2008 / Serbrüken Marhaba Festival
2008 / Berlin Bazar Oriental
2007 / Hanover World of Orient
2004 / Sinsheim Orientalische Tanz Festival

2008 / Pursgrunn Fusion Festival
2007/ Stavanger Stavanger Festival
2005 - 2008 Oslo 1001 natt Festival

2007 - 2011 / Riga & Jormala Caravan Festival

2005 - 2007 / Stockholm Layali
2006 - 2020 / Stockholm Oriental Dance Fever
2008 / Vadstena /  Vivaldi Opera Festival
2008 / Göterborg / Lusia Festival
2006 - 2012 / Karlskoga Folkets Hus
2010 / Örebro Medborgarskolan
2008/ Uppsala Concert & Confrence

2006 / Madrid Samaraqs Festival

2007 / Beirut Nahr el Fenon & Royal Hotel

2005 / Side Pegasous World

She has also made many appearances in the Swedish, Norwegian, German, English, Egyptian, Spanish and Latvian media.
Also In Every Swedish TV-Chanel more than ones, Swedish newspapers, magazines, books and radio stations.

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