Nadja as Master & danceartist
at International Oriental Dance Festival Tänze unter dem Regenbogen 2020
in Germany / Sinsheim!

Oriental Dance Fever Festival 2020, Balm For your Soul!

Many women in today's society live under oppression, intimidation & violence.
However, there are a lot of prejudices that women are weak & unable to take care of themselves. 

In connection with the subordination of women they find themselves weakened in their identity & it can be common that isolation occurs while their ability for freedom is shrinking. 

Many of these women are too weak to ask for help because of their lack of trust in society & the environment. 
Fortunately, there are several organizations working for the women’s rights & against violence.  
The primary purpose here is to give these women the strength to be able to decide over their own body, life & actions. 

Oriental Dance Fever Festival March 2020 is going to give women exposed to violence, abuse, sexual abuse, etc. a chance to take part in the society's activities in a way of joy & harmony.
We like to give them an opportunity to understand that nothing is impossible & we are equal.  

Since our cultural school has its focus on dance, art & culture, we dance together to share the meaning & importance of dance & how it can shape a person in a positive way both physically & mentally.  

Integration & presentation of different cultures in one place are some of our objectives. Dance can be defined in different ways; we see it as a balm for the soul, an activity that strengthens you as a person & your confidence. 

Oriental Dance Fever Festival March 2020, Balm for your Soul, will give these women a Saturday Gala Show & all workshops on Sunday as a gift.
Every day should be a Woman's Day!

To our dear Dance & Music Artists & our great Team of Oriental Dance Fever Festival 2020 Balm For Your Soul.
It has been a great honour to work with you all, having such great guest teachers & performers on our stage.

To our amazing team of the festival, It has been a real great privilege to work with such great people.
Thank you all for your support, teamwork & showing a heart of gold being willing to give love & joy to those who need it the most.

We will absolutely have more festivals to come, but Oriental Dance Fever Festival 2020 Balm For Your Soul will be a memorable festival as we had only 3 month to plan & we did a great job thanks to a great teamwork. Kind sponsors & great artists willing to attend.

A great Thank to our Guest Teachers: Irina Zagoruiko / Ukraine, Samara Raks / Marocco, Helene Skaugen / Norway.

A great Thank to our performers of the festival stage:  Mona Suha Sommer, Maria Granström, Mana dancer, Awad Mouawad,
Navak Dance Ensemble, Ahoo, Orietalicious, Annette, Annette, Silje, Lisa Ellen, Diana Ianzhula,
Diana Ghovanlou, Mikko, Kelly Lee, Rebell, Shamim & Yara.

A great Thank to our Sponsors of the festival: Carlberg Bed & Breakfast / Bosse & Margaretha, Forever living, Florealis, Theatre Kaskad,
Paradis Kabare’ & restaurang, Theatre Kaskad, Fordoncity, Amar Momo, Festival Rollups / Kenneth, Nadjas Dans & Kulturskola.

A Special Thank to Maria Rashidi / Founder of Kvinnors Rätt Organisation & Mahnaz / Founder of Manav HBQT,
who makes a real great effort taking care of people who need the most love, care & protection in the society.  

A Special Thank to the team of our festival:

Co Coordinators: Shabnam Shojaie Nia, Leila Javid, Kenneth
Conferencier: Shabnam Shojaie Nia
Backstage coordinator: Leila Javid
Stage construction & Scenography: Kenneth, Niklas, Sebelina, Shahram, Leila, Shabnam, Diana G, Ellie, Yara, Nadja
Hosts: Ellie, Bosse, Diana G, Mikko
Transfer: Kenneth, Ellie, Mahsa, Niklas
Sound & Light / Niklas Bengtsson & Sebelina
Photo & Film / Daniel, Kenneth, Basir Sirat
saleassistent: Solmaz
Founder & Director: Nadja

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