Oriental Dance Festival 2020 Balm For Your Soul was closed with succsess

To our dear Dance & Music Artists & our great Team of Oriental Dance Fever Festival 2020 Balm For Your Soul.
It has been a great honour to work with you all, having such great guest teachers & performers on our stage.

To our amazing team of the festival, It has been a real great privilege to work with such great people.
Thank you all for your support, teamwork & showing a heart of gold being willing to give love & joy to those who need it the most.

We will absolutely have more festivals to come, but Oriental Dance Fever Festival 2020 Balm For Your Soul will be a memorable festival as we had only 3 month to plan & we did a great job thanks to a great teamwork. Kind sponsors & great artists willing to attend.

A great Thank to our Guest Teachers: Irina Zagoruiko / Ukraine, Samara Raks / Marocco, Helene Skaugen / Norway.

A great Thank to our performers of the festival stage:  Mona Suha Sommer, Maria Granström, Mana dancer, Awad Mouawad,
Navak Dance Ensemble, Ahoo, Orietalicious, Annette, Annette, Silje, Lisa Ellen, Diana Ianzhula,
Diana Ghovanlou, Mikko, Kelly Lee, Rebell, Shamim & Yara.

A great Thank to our Sponsors of the festival: Carlberg Bed & Breakfast / Bosse & Margaretha, Forever living, Florealis, Theatre Kaskad,
Paradis Kabare’ & restaurang, Theatre Kaskad, Fordoncity, Amar Momo, Festival Rollups / Kenneth, Nadjas Dans & Kulturskola.

A Special Thank to Maria Rashidi / Founder of Kvinnors Rätt Organisation & Mahnaz / Founder of Manav HBQT,
who makes a real great effort taking care of people who need the most love, care & protection in the society.  

A Special Thank to the team of our festival:

Co Coordinators: Shabnam Shojaie Nia, Leila Javid, Kenneth
Conferencier: Shabnam Shojaie Nia
Backstage coordinator: Leila Javid
Stage construction & Scenography: Kenneth, Niklas, Sebelina, Shahram, Leila, Shabnam, Diana G, Ellie, Yara, Nadja
Hosts: Ellie, Bosse, Diana G, Mikko
Transfer: Kenneth, Ellie, Mahsa, Niklas
Sound & Light / Niklas Bengtsson & Sebelina
Photo & Film / Daniel, Kenneth, Basir Sirat
saleassistent: Solmaz
Founder & Director: Nadja

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